New Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows 8

Microsoft is pushing hard to reinvent Windows and on top of that daunting mission, the company is also in the process of reinventing itself. In this first act, Microsoft brings us the Surface.
The Surface tablet is the culmination of three years of development, and Microsoft sees it as the perfect stage for its new Windows platform. Windows 8/RT represents a departure from the Windows operating system that users are accustomed to, and more than a few feathers will be ruffled as a result. Windows 8 is a chimera of sorts, merging the tile-based user interface from Windows Phone and the standard user interface from Windows 7 into a single platform. Windows RT, the version of Microsoft’s new OS that powers this first version of the Surface tablet, drops nearly everything from the Windows 7 side of the equation and only the new look and functionality remains. this is lovely, this is what we need :D i love it!


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