Facebook Introduces an Apperating system on Android

Facebook Home, in and of itself, isn’t that big of a deal. What it represents, however, is huge. We’re calling Home an apperating system,What is an Apperating System? Apperating System is one of a new breed of software platforms that sit between operating systems and apps. Apperating systems are coming in a major way.

Facebook Home is an apperating system that sit between the Android operating system and Applications.

Facebook Home is the most fully realized apperating system yet, enveloping the underlying Google Android operating system with a radical new look and augmenting it with important and genuinely useful new social features, all while preserving perfect compatibility with Android apps, including anything you might download through the bundled Google Play app store. It proves that a mobile platform can be custom tailored for a particular audience or context without sacrificing power and extensibility.
But Facebook Home is hardly the first of its class. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet contains probably the most prominent apperating system, a suite of apps and Android customizations developed by Amazon engineers. Software makers have also developed platform layers on top of Apple’s iOS, a system that offers far fewer opportunities for integration than Google’s famously customizable Android. As apperating systems spread and improve, they will help Android and iOS better serve niche audiences and serve as labs for features that migrate back to the host system and into general use. At the same time, they’ll raise thorny questions about the appropriate balance of power between operating system vendors like Google and Apple on the one hand and app makers like Facebook and Amazon on the other.

Still, Facebook Home makes its own big changes to the default Android experience. Most significantly, it buries most Android apps several clicks away from the home screen, meaning they are less likely to be used or even discovered  by consumers. Facebook content and advertisements, meanwhile, will get top billing, appearing even when a user has the phone or tablet locked.

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