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What to look out for in the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy series, after been trilled with the fascinating live companion features packed up  in the Samsung Galaxy S 4. The fifth generation Samsung Galaxy 5 (SV) which is expected to pack a full HD Flexible Display, 128 storage, 4 GB RAM and 16 MP rear shooter, Jaw dropping features. The main issue that is rising is regarding the price of Galaxy S5 whether it will be affordable for everyone or not?

What you think about the Samsung Galaxy S5 price?

If we go back to the price of predecessor in the Galaxy S Series or other Samsung devices, we can notice that the initial price tagged to the device was high as compared to the market price after few weeks or months during a particular smartphone release. Let me quote a few examples, Galaxy S III was launched for around $550 and now it is available at around $430-$480. Same story goes with other gadgets too. So, comparing the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 to these smartphones, we can say that the company will offer the device at a price affordable to the customers as per the market conditions at the time of release. It could also be possible that SGS5's price also get down after the release just like S III.  For the moment, we analyse the price of the fifth general Samsung S5 to be around $720 – $740.

Now let us talk about the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera. There are many fans, who despite of the best features in smartphones, look forward to a fantastic camera to capture the best moments of their lives. Well, if you are one of them, you need not worry, as new Samsung S5 will come up with  16 Megapixel grand camera with all the additional features you can think of, like dual shooter, night mode, still photography and many more. The front camera lovers don’t have to be depressed as the smartphone will have 5 Megapixel front camera too. Now, you can even witness a 3D touch in the camera, just wait & watch!

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