Apple Inc. celebrates the App Store’s fifth birthday by giving away paid apps for free

Apple Inc. is celebrating its app store's fifth anniversary in style by giving away some paid apps for free. Apple Inc introduced the app store on July 10, 2008 alongside iPhone 3G and iPhone OS 2.0. The company is celebrating the app store's fifth birthday by giving away a handful of high profile apps to its customer at
$0.00. sounds interesting..
Ars Technica as it that the company is giving out a total of ten apps, five of which are games:

Frogmind's Badland (normally $3.99)
Chair Entertainment's Infinity Blade II (normally $6.99)
Capybara Games' Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP (normally $4.99)
Andreas Illiger's Tiny Wings and Tiny Wings HD (normally $0.99 and $2.99, respectively)
Disney's Where's My Water? (normally $0.99)

And five more other apps for grabs:

Barefoot World Atlas (normally $4.99)
Day One, a journal and note-taking app (normally $4.99)
How to Cook Everything, a cookbook (normally $9.99)
Over, a photo editing app (normally $1.99)
Traktor DJ for iPhone and iPad, an app for creating your own thumping club mixes (normally $4.99 and


Apple is yet to announce an end date to the freebie, so enjoy the free download while the celebration last.
Apple will be celebrating its app store's fifth birthday on Wednesday, July 10 2013.

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