How to use Gmail as an external Cloud storage hard drive

We all know that 10+ GB of storage capacity is assigned to every gmail user once you setup an account created. G-mail drive is a cloud based concept with a physical drive on ur pc "in my computer"  as seen in the picture below.

Today I'll teach you how to use Gmail as an external Hard drive storage. The space which Gmail provides to store data, will be used to make an external hard drive with is also virtual, if you know what I mean. All you need to do to enjoy this cool physically virtual G-mail storage harddrive is to follow these simple steps:

How to use Gmail as external hard drive??
1. First we will need a software for this called Gmail Drive extension shell.Download it Here
2. After downloading you can extract it using winrar/winzip.
3. So after extracting it, double click on setup.exe and install it.
4. So after successfully installing it, you can go to My Computer, and you will see a drive called GMail drive as seen in the image above.

5. Double click on that drive. It will prompt  you for your Gmail ID and Password. enter the required details and enjoy 10gb of cloud storage right from you pc for free.

Now you can backup important data with ease right from you pc .

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