Facebook Graph Search now lets users find posts, status updates and comments

Facebook as upgraded its Graph Search to include to include posts and status updates in its results according to arstechnica. The search results will accept key modifiers like "Time and Location" e.g "all posts by my friends in Nigeria from 2012"

The search is still subjected to privacy control, which means facebook users won't be able to see results they couldn't view prior to the upgrade. This is specifically to all public posts as well as posts shared directly to each user.since facebook updates are automatically set to be public by default. Indirectly, Facebook hopes that this graph search update will create a Twitter-like feed of activities that users can view and interact with.

Facebook's Graph search update is not yet available to all Graph Search users, according to a company spokesperson. It will be tested starting on Monday with a small group of users and will roll out more expansively after that. Users will only be able to search for content that has been shared with them, in addition to public posts. In other words, your conversations should not appear in a search run by someone outside of your network unless your comments and posts are public.

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