How to Create a website or blog without coding

So many people are interested in Web Development, but coding seems to be the obstacle some scholars and web design enthusiast face.What turns most scholars off is the complexity and time spent in coding from scratch. I know lots of visual creative people but they are still turned off. I am happy to introduce you to a software package that will help your creative mind build the website that you have always dreamed of.

Scroll Kit as a solution for many web development scholars who may have been deterred in the past by their lack of HTML or CSS knowledge.The major difference between Scroll Kit and other web hosts is that you can start a page or an idea without necessarily knowing where you’re going to end up.

Scroll Kit is an easy to use web development kit to create a website or blog without coding, allows you to insert images and videos, animate elements on the page, add shapes, change colors, insert links and more. Elements can be moved around, altered or deleted with the click of a mouse. The finished code can then be exported and plugged into hosts such as WordPress, blogger.

This freedom of creation is an important aspect of Scroll Kit, Scroll kit empowers you with the ability to build a website without coding.You can include so much interactive media, which makes Scroll Kit a powerful way to tell a story on the web.

In normal cases, publishing content on the web for many people feels like filling out forms, referring to the seemingly formulaic nature of coding. We want to have more people create more handcrafted stories.

Currently, Scroll Kit is completely free for personal use, while publishers can access special features for a fee. Voice of San Diego and Public Radio International are among those who have used Scroll Kit for  projects.

You can download Scroll kit for free HERE.

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