iOS 7 security flaw lets you call any number from a locked homescreen [video]

There have been alot of buzz about the new Apple iOS 7.But also we have been hearing a lot of security flaws day by day since the official release. engadget reports ways to bypass a locked screen. In iOS 7's case, this is the second security flaw unearthed since it's launched: An iPhone user named Karam Daoud recently discovered that you can dial any number on the Emergency call page from a locked homescreen. If you press the green phone button repeatedly after keying in a number, the screen turns black with an Apple logo, and the call goes through. We've tested it out on different devices, and while it doesn't work all the time, the point is that it sometimes does. There's no apparent way to disable Emergency calls, but Apple reportedly told Daoud it'll issue a patch later.

Also if you've been hearing about another supposed iOS 7 exploit that allows Siri to make calls, send text messages and post to social networks from a locked screen, don't worry too much. It's not actually a bug -- just go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Allow access when locked, then switch Siri off.

I believe Apple will fix all this issues in its upgrade version of the iOS 7 which is iOS 7.1. I posted it earlier that iOS 7.1 is currently in test.

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Source: engadget

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