how to improve the performance and battery life of iPhone4 and 4s

iphone 4sios7 setting
If you use an iPhone 4 or 4s and you just updated to the new iOS 7 apple operating sytem. If this is the case, then you've probably found out by now that performance is no longer as buttery smooth as it used to be. With iOS 7, Apple has implemented some neat visual tricks, like the ubiquitous blur effect that can be seen every time when something pops up in front of something else. Sadly, though, it appears that as cool as these graphical goodies are, they are causing the frame-rate to drop unpleasantly with some of Apple's older smartphones. What makes this issue potentially experience-spoiling is that it can actually make some completely ordinary apps, such as Messaging, seem somewhat laggy and slowish. 

This is how to improve the performance of iPhone 4 and 4s with iOS 7,All you need to do is to sacrifice some of the visual enhancements that came with iOS 7. 

These are the simple steps that you need to follow in order to improve the performance and battery life of your iPhone 4s or 4 running iOS 7:

Source: phonearena