How to remove bbm contact updates on android, iphone and bb10

Hey peeps...I will show you how to remove bbm contact update' notification from your bbm on android devices.

...I noticed that the bbm updates increases the battery use of my phone and so I decided to remove it....I'm sure some of you who are not skalkers will also want to do without the update thing inother to enhace your phone's battery life. And to address your curiousity, it is much easier doing this on a blackberry smartphone (you just click on the bb menu from bbm then options then recent updates and you change it to none); but a little tricky on an android device.
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follow the steps below to remove bbm recent updates on an android device and bb10.

bbm for androidbbm for android
bbm for androidbbm for android

If you wish to unhide a contact's updates i.e you want to keep getting update notification follow this simple steps:

Leave your comments if you have any question or wish to add anything.

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