My 2013 Tech Movie of the year: THE INTERNSHIP

'The Internship' is an information age (2013) movie that emphasizes good skills, skill acquisition and entrepreneurship. This movie is a very good source of inspiration for high school students, college, fresh graduates, tech savvy, job seekers and even over experienced professionals.

If you are trying to create something new or a new business idea? The Internship is a movie that can kick start your mind and project. It will give you the right uplift you need to kick start and idea.
And also if you are curious about knowing what Google does and how it does what it knows how to do best then this movie will take you on a trip to Google's Headquarter building in Mountain view, California...and also on its framework.

If you seek a new job, you planning and getting prepared for that job interview this same movie will prepare you even much better than so many other junk white papers will. It will help you build good confidence, good communication/marketing skills to gear you into the company of your choice.

I bet you this movie will help you unleash your potentials

leave your comments and reviews if you have seen this movie.

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