Blackberry brings new features to bbm for Android and iOS in 2014

Blackbery is set to bring more cool features and more significant changes  to Android and iOS bbm users in the form of BBM Voice and BBM Channels.

Think of BBM Voice as you would Skype or Google Hangouts -- it's essentially a way for you to chat with your contacts without touching your allotment of minutes. And Channels,  is basically BlackBerry's spin on the social network. Both are already available for current BBM users running BB10, so this addition really just brings the rest of BBM's outsider base to enjoy the fun.

Blackberry have been working on some new ways to make sharing easier and faster with BBM contacts, Blackberry will also make significant changes to its bbm UI to make sharing easier and convenient. Whether it’s talking with BBM Voice, connecting over a BBM Channel, sending a quick photo, or even sharing your location, blackberry will bring location sharing to its Android and iOS bbm user in 2014.

blackberry will also bring more emoticons, 100new emoticons; which includes a bunch that came from you, our fans and so much more.

Let's wait for it :)

You can have a sneak peek by watching the video below
                                                 [Youtube ink for mobile viewing]

Source: Blackberry Blog

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