Honda Creates Phone Casing With Airbag Concept For Mobile Phones[pictures & videos]

Case N
Honda is best know for producing automobiles
and also know outside the vehicular world for making the world's most adorable robot 'Asimo' and now Honda as conceptualized and proved it feasible to make an airbag-equipped enclosure called “Case N.” for mobile phones, with an accelerometer to detect a fall and a working carbon dioxide canister able to fill the tiny airbags in just 0.2 seconds. The case being the size of a football is surely only a minor inconvenience for the spectacularly accident-prone. When the phone is dropped, six built-in airbags inside the case deploy. This prevents the phone from being scratched, dented or stolen
Honda airbag Case
The Case N is just a concept, and Honda has said it has no plans to ever produce the product, a similar design was seriously suggested by Apple.As discovered by PhoneArena in March, an Apple patent was released for a case that tracks how close a phone is to hitting the ground, using built-in accelerometers.
As the phone, and case, reaches the floor, gas-powered thrusters fire in the opposite direction to slow it down.

Will you love to carry this extra weight to safe your phone?

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