Blackberry is ready to launch BBM MONEY

bbm money

Blackberry comes out with BBM MONEY, Blackberry integrates with TransferTo, an international airtime remittance provider, which allows you to gift mobile airtime minutes to your BBM Contacts globally.

TransferTo is the leading provider of international airtime remittance. The service works with over 350 mobile operators in over 100 countries, and allows you to give prepaid mobile credit to your BBM contacts across borders or overseas. BBM will now integrate with the TransferTo airtime transfer service, meaning you can send airtime credit to BBM Contacts from within the BBM app.

Almost 80% of mobile users use prepaid minutes. Adding this feature to BBM will make it easier for people to make small value transfers among contacts, and share prepaid airtime so they can stay in touch with friends and family who live and work in other countries.

Source: Blackberry

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