Microsoft skipped Windows 9 to unveil its latest Operating System Windows 10 today

Windows ten
Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled its latest OS today surprisingly, with an unexpected name. We Windows fans have been patiently waiting for a windows 9 OS, but Microsoft has decided to surprise us with a Bigger package Operating System by naming the expected OS Windows 10.

Microsoft has brought back the lovely start menu and added more multitasking capabilities in Windows 10, and also as you can see the start menu now carries the Live tiles on Windows 10.
Windows 10 start menu

BGR also reports that the tiles will be interchangeable and customizable depending on which apps, websites and contacts are most important to you. There is also a button dedicated to the current user profile with the option to restart and shut down the computer.

Search has also been revamped for Windows 10, bringing greater functionality to the Start menu. Rather than restricting your search to documents and files on your computer, you’ll also see results from the Internet.

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