2015 Tech New Year Resolutions

1. Check your backup procedure: Backup solutions are not a “set it and forget it” process. Definitely need to verify the process is still working and that the destinations drive(s) are functioning. (keep your Backup process functioning and up to date)
2. Check your anti-virus software program: Make sure it is up to date, and that it is scanning regularly.
3. Tidy the desktop: Clear off old icons, files, and folders.
4. Organize: Name files and folders according to their category; e.g Keep your computer software all in one place and easily accessible.
5. Stay Secured: Time for a better password then yesterday, try to change your password at least once in 2months; Help keep the bad guys out of your account by using both your password and your phone. Always sign up for 2-Step authentication. = (anchor link to google mail 2 step authentication site)
6. Replace power strips: Use a power surge protector. Power strips are great for plugging in lamps, speakers, pencil sharpeners, but not your monitors, routers, backup drives, computers, etc.
7. Replace worn devices: All computing devices fail.

8. Maintain your computers: Every 3 months – clean out temp files, patch it, update it, stop unwanted startup programs, check the antivirus and backup processes.

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