Best laptop brand for 2015

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Are you thinking of a quality laptop to buy? 
Laptopmag just made your decision easier with an outstanding list of best laptop brands for 2015, putting in consideration the following qualities: laptop quality, design, technical support, software, innovation, value and selection,  and other criteria.

Laptopmag ranked Apple as the best laptop manufacturer in 2015 for scoring higher in their overall laptop quality,  preloaded software,  laptop reviews by users; to me this seems to be the most important,  keyboards and touchpads, audio quality can't be beat.

Ranked 2nd is Dell for an impressive laptop quality scoring high in 2015 with impressive innovative laptops, value and selection, audio, reviews and technical support.

Ranked third is the HP  for their variety of top quality designs and variety of prices available to customers. HP is well known for having different styles and laptop configurations from which prospective customers can choose from. Hp is also well know for its tech support once you've made your choice of laptop.

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